So I went to London Film and Comic Con yesterday. I was thinking of wearing my TeamUK shirt but, due to the hot weather, I just stuck it in my bag.

After meeting up with a few other quidditch players, we came up with the idea that we could get TV and film stars to show their support for Team UK for the upcoming IQA Global Games.

Here are a selection of photo highlights.

They went online about 2 hours ago and my laptop almost went into meltdown due to the number of responses QUK got.

My favourite one is of Ellie Kendrick (Meera from Game of Thrones). She was about to leave but was super excited to be apart of it, she stayed for a few more minutes. She’s also incredibly photogenic.

#SUPPORTTHE42 Many thanks to Sarah, Ben and Amy (who came up with original idea) for representing QUK at the con.